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As a Photographer, Evan has enjoyed many years of work assisting people to retain hard-copies of great memories.  His main artistic focus for over 20 years was the study of the artistic nude which has led to him winning international awards in 2004 and 2006.  Like many professional photographers, he has diversified his business to allow for the reduction in trade now that nearly everyone has a darkroom on their computer.

Evan has a wealth of experience and knowledge from his lengthy history in the Performing Arts.  In the last 40 years he has worked onstage and backstage in all aspects of getting a production in front of audiences.    Community Theatre has been a constant in his life and he volunteers his time with many groups.  Evan has also worked in television, Film and professional theatre for over 20 years and enjoys every aspect of production work.

Always aware of the budget constraints of Community Theatre, Evan has written some extremely useful and progressive computer programmes for sound effects and backing music which have also been customised for use by groups and soloists who require backing tracks for their gigs. 


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