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Evan Knoble is an international award-winning photographer skilled in providing high quality photographic images including;


Families and Groups


Theatrical Events



Insurance cataloguing and claims


As an actor in theatre, TV and the big screen, he has many contacts within the entertainment industry and specialises in Headshots that assist aspiring actors to secure the services of an agent.

He has won international awards in 2004 and 2006 for his artistic exhibition photography.  He has provided an at-cost photographic service to the two Rosebud Community Theatre groups Rosebud Astral Theatre Society and Southern Peninsula Players since 1999.

Evan's photos appear quite often in the Peninsula Leader and Mornington Peninsula Mail.  He also has photos published in most of the metropolitan and national newspapers.


To view some of Evan's photos click on; 

Sample Page 1    Sample Page 2   Sample Page 3

contact evan@knoble-arts.com

Call Evan for a free quote on 0408032641 or email me at evan@knoble-arts.com