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Fraction calculator is an important maths calculator that aids you in calculating fractions. Simply speaking, fraction is written in the form of two whole numbers, one above the other, separated by a short horizontal line. Provided that denominator should never be zero.

Fraction Calculator



¾ is a fractional number where 3 is considered as numerator and 4 is considered as denominator.


This calculator can handle simple calculations like adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying fractions and provide you an answer in a reduced fraction from a mixed number if that exists. All you need to fill details like

  • 2 numbers in fractional form
  • Choose mathematical operation i.e. you want to add two fractions or divide etc
  • Again write 2 numbers in fraction form. Then press on calculate button fraction calculator will provide you solution in flash of second.

Fractions calculator may solve all your complex calculations related to fraction, whole numbers, variable and even complex expressions within few minutes. Just they need input of variables and they will display clear cut results fastly.

So, Use this calculator free of cost and solve all your maths problems.

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