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Event Management

Let Knoble Arts arrange, market and manage your next;

  • Exhibition
  • Expo
  • Wedding
  • Bucks Night
  • Concert
  • Group Outing
  • Family Reunion
  • School Reunion
  • Sporting Event
  • Training Session
  • Conference

Evan has a long history in event management ranging from the early 1980's when he worked for the State Emergency Service and co-ordinated all logistical support for major bushfire situations through to the local community theatre productions.  He has co-ordinated and managed many Arts Festivals in rural Victoria and is experienced in working with volunteers and paid workers alike.

As a Controller and Training Officer with the SES in the 80's, Evan formulated his "6P Principle" - Proper Preparation & Planning Prevent Poor Performance.  He has acute attention to detail and believes the only way to manage an event is to thoroughly identify and plan every aspect and then train or inform all key personel in their roles, responsibilities and timelines.

With a lengthy history in Theatre Production Management, Evan has managed over 50 Amateur and Professional Theatrical Shows.

Having worked for six years as a volunteer Booking Officer managing the Rosebud Memorial Hall has given Evan a good working knowledge of Mornington Peninsula Shire's Events requirements and procedures



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