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Links Fixed 26/03/2017

  1. Beam Spread Calculator Theatre Lighting
  2. Luminaire Performance Data Sheet  All the technical guff on the lamps we use
  3. Luminaire Reference
  4. Helmholtz Acoustics Calculator  Design your Acoustic walls and ceilings
  5. The Decibel Scale  Sound Levels and impact
  6. Wind Chill Calculator   Handy when working outside in very cold weather
  7. Heat Index Calculator  Handy when working in crowded venues without Air Con
  8. Television Screen Sizes  Width, Height and Diagonal
  9. Test & Tag Process  What tests do we really do?
  10. HAZCHEM Card  Should be carried in every Vehicle
  11. Computer Program Code Quick conversion ASCII, Hex, Dec, Oct, Binary
  12. Statutory Declaration Pro-Forma Handy form to have
  13. Will Pro-Forma Why do people charge so much for these forms?
  14. The Dictator Brief Skit on the futility of Committee dissent
  15. Periodic Chart  Elementary, my dear Watson
  16. RGB Colour Codes
  17. OH&S Forms Venue Hazard Checklist
  18. OH&S Forms Contractors OH&S Agreement
  19. OH&S Forms Inspection Report
  20. OH&S Forms Risk Management Action Plan
  21. Bradford Acoustic Design Guide
  22. Unlock Your DVD Play DVDs from any country
  23. Traveller's Guide to International Elelectricity Supply

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