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Solar Azimuth Calculator

Solar Altitude Angle Calculator

Latitude (Deg, South is Negative)

Longitude (Deg, West is Negative)

Time Zone (Hours, West is Negative)

Daylight Saving Time (0=No, 1=Yes)

Twilight Definition (0=Civil, 1=Nautical, 2=Astronomical)

Solar or Local Time (0=Solar, 1=Local)

Hour (1-24)

Day (1-31)

Month (1-12)

Solar Declination Angle (Deg of Latitude)

Solar Azimuth Angle (Deg, North is 0)

Solar Altitude Angle (Deg, Horizon is 0)

Sunrise Time (or End of Morning Twilight)

Sunset Time (or Beginning of Evening Twilight)


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